UAFA Token is happy to provide you with a White Paper which truly acts like a handbook for our project.

We will be updating as needed, simply come here and view through our link. The file will always be kept up to date.

Please read over all the information. Thank you for doing your research.

White Paper

Read our detailed White Paper handbook. View remotely with Drive or download the PDF.

Next Level Transparency


With the Utility we hold, the skills we have, and motivation to uphold serious standards… it’s no wonder why people call UAFA Token the true diamond in Cryptocurrency.

Diamond? Not only are we a gem, we’re truly transparent. UAFA Token wishes to bring a maximum level of transparency. United we stand with Authority. UAFA has pride and hospitality.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes absolutely. Only two Co-Founders involved.

Liquidity Generation. Manual burning. Automatic burning through buy and sale tax. Enjoy our market as we list onto exchanges, all while developing our own.

UA FAITH LLC was founded in Colorado, USA. We found it important to establish ourselves immediately.

10% on Buy and Sale orders.  2% of all Transactions are automatically sent to the Charity Wallet. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us.

When it comes to the Charity impact, the funds from the Charity Wallet of UAFA will be used for direct help with Families of the Original Territories of Ukraine.

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Discord, Telegram, Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Reddit, Youtube, Twitter, we have many ways to contact us. UAFA Token is happy to have you around.