About Us

You want to know who we are?

No problem!


Yes absolutely. Only two Co-Founders involved.

Please make sure you take into account Market Slippage. Our tax is 10%. Split into forths for Liquidity Generation, Burning, Charity and Marketing. Buy and Sale orders are taxed as such.

All you have to do is trade UAFA Token. The taxes automatically are distributed. We have contacts and family inside of Ukraine. UA Faith will be contributing direct to cause for the Families of Original Territories of Ukraine.

UA FAITH LLC was founded in Colorado, USA. We found it important to establish ourselves immediately.

No. We simply wish to help the Families in need. The Families in Original Territories of Ukraine. Right now is the time to help people. Change the world. Make a difference and stand up for our fellow mankind across the world. Think Globally and not only Locally.

We’re changing the game

There’s no doubt that the Cryptocurrency space needs powerful leaders. In a time of war, we wish to set an example.

Tymur and Kurtis are working hard not only to ensure the safety of UAFA, as well as it’s holders. The standing we bring into the realm of Blockchain Technologies will provide authority.

We are doxxed and willing to really make a difference. Although we fear political retaliation for helping innocent people, UA Faith will never give up. Always have hope.


"Free the People"


Kurtis Brisbois