Microsofts Skype Allows Free Calls for Ukraine

Microsofts Skype now allows Free Calls to Ukraine for all Skype Users! You can read about it yourself on their website.
Stay connected by calling to Ukraine for free and translating your Skype and phone calls from/to Ukrainian language.
To help further, Skype support’s Ukraine through these non-profit organizations and you can as well.

UAFA really appreciate and love the opportunity for all families to have the ability for free calls!
Please share this article, it would really help bring awareness.
UA Faith LLC is doing as much as possible to help the Families of Original Territories to Independent Ukraine.
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What has UAFA done lately for the Families?
Well we’re direct to cause with how the project operates! Software truly is an amazing feat.
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The fact that Microsofts Skype would even do this is an amazing example of what the world can do when we strive to be connected in various ways. What company do you think is next to try and make an amazing opportunity for the Families in Original Territories to Independent Ukraine? Leave a comment below and let us know.

UAFA has a very unique approach of buyback burning. This is to
implement deflation, creating utility for UAFA. We burn from
transactions and we will be manually burning in stages too! We’ve burned
3.75% to date.

Liquidity Generation is also a major part of UAFA. With the utilities we have operating, we are Super Deflationary.

The Charity for families of Original Independent Territories to Ukraine is
the perfect opportunity to set an example for this space of Binance.
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