Ukrainian people have a long history but here’s some of most recent biggest events.

1917: Ukraine is taken over by Russia, sparking a civil war between those who supported the move and those who did not. It can be described a few ways.

1933: In 1932-33, millions of Ukrainians are starved to death in what is known as the Holodomor genocide.

1939: Western Ukraine is forcibly annexed from Poland by the Soviet Union.

1991: Ukraine becomes independent following the collapse of the USSR.

2013: The Euromaidan Revolution deposes the country’s president, over a hundred people were killed in a center of a capital of Ukraine. Separation of some territories to become Russian.

2022: War with Russia on Ukrainian territory…

Tymur Matvieienko UAFA co-founder: we shall keep updating and expending this blog as it is a very big topic.