Why did we create UA Faith token?

UA Faith is a Smart Chain Project aiming to help humanity by using modern technology and financial power of the community to make a change in people’s lives who mostly need it!

UAFA token on a smart chain is not a regular simple project. We have a lot of great plans and will not stop. In our experience a lot of folks don’t know a lot about what’s really going on and most of us don’t. Also a lot of people want to help somehow but can’t find trustworthy organization or source. We are trying to simply help those that got hurt or still hurting cause of decisions made by others. We have straight connections in Ukraine itself, feet on a ground. This world is give and take, and we will be concentrating on giving. 

Just like anyone else we felt skeptical about utility token on smart chain at first. So we came up with an idea where we could implement experience we have owning our own business, where it’s not so much about making money but making others happy, every time 100%, till job’s done. Some of the recent events touched us personally in multiple ways and we saw circumstances fall in place just right so we could finally push ourselves to higher potential. With deflationary utility this would obviously be a great opportunity. UA Faith is very excited to take action and give an opportunity to community to be able to help those in need. UA Faith team really is happy to be a part of something this big and hopefully we can make more people even happier.

-Tymur Matvieienko UAFA Co-Founder