What is UA Faith Token?

We created UA Faith (UAFA) on a decentralized platform to help families in need on Ukrainian territory. All financial transactions made on the UA Faith (UAFA) will be used to directly help feed and rebuild Ukraine to our best ability. Moreover, 2% of each transaction will be used for the purpose of providing aid to internally displaced persons in Ukraine.

UA Faith is a deflationary token which will help civilians in need and save lives. Our goal is to help rebuild Ukraine as best we can using 2% of each transaction.

As you probably know, Ukraine has suffered greatly from the undeclared war waged upon it by its neighbor to the east. What started as protests in Kiev in 2013-2014 turned into a war against Ukrainian territorial integrity by forces of the Russian Federation. Russian-backed militants seize territory and continue their attacks on Ukrainian citizens. The war has had a devastating impact on Ukraine, and its people. Thousands of Ukrainians have been killed or wounded, tens of thousands have been displaced from their homes, Ukraine’s industrial base has been devastated, causing production to plummet as much as 40% since 2014, Ukraine’s currency reserves are down 70 percent while its debt burden has increased dramatically. In order to help alleviate this situation, we created UA Faith (UAFA) — a deflationary token used with charity.

Ukraine’s Families need our help.

Start using UA Faith Token today to contribute.