Fair Launch

UAFA is now listed on over 21 Places!
It’s amazing how a good deed can become so groundbreaking. We’ll never stop working and doing everything we can to expand our Market. View the Trading Chart now with the button below.

Time for Action

There are many reasons to help others. We find it extremely important to make a difference in the world. UAFA raises needed attention and funds to directly help families in the Original Independent Territories to Ukraine. 

Burning Automatically

Utility Value

UAFA has a very unique approach of buyback burning. This is to implement deflation, creating utility for UAFA. We burn from transactions and we will be manually burning in stages too! We’ve burned 3.75% to date.

Liquidity Generation is also a major part of UAFA. With the utilities we have operating, we are Super Deflationary.

The Charity for families of Original Independent Territories to Ukraine is the perfect opportunity to set an example for this space of Binance.

We Provide Education

We are proud to be a part of the Binance Smart Chain, as UAFA is a BEP20 on BSC.

Great Documentation

You can easily view our White Paper and learn everything about UA Faith LLC.

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Our Blog holds enormous value and information! We are always going to be writing for the community.


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Fully Doxxed Team

You Know Us

There are only two Founders of UAFA. Kurtis and Tymur want to work with the public to make the most of this opportunity in order to help Ukraine!

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Ukraine Relief & Deflation

Trade UAFA and help direct to cause. Along with having the amazing benefits of a Liquidity Generator and Multiple Burning Functions. Everybody wins.